Transferring an sport car classic into an Grand Tour with Porsche companies history based standards regarding quality and design - these are the main thoughts about our current project based on an 356 T5 coupe from 1961.
Although that these tiny cars have proven their racing abilities in thousands of races in the past 60 years, there is also a body shape that is timeless and, if you see it historical wise, is the father of the greatest sports car ever produced, the Porsche 911.


When we started to think about this project, we have had a huge side view to finished projects based on this car model in the past. Outstanding people like the Emorys, John Willhoit or others have produced „new“ cars with their creativity and craftsmanship, some more racing inspired, some with more understatement characteristics in the finished product. Each one of this cars came out great, and we can´t stop watching them.


 But there is always left some ideas about, how to do things an other way…


Our current project is our own creation of the Grand Tour wagon idea - a car that can handle everything. Being special and understated in the same time, having sporting abilities without loosing the comfort you need for every day. Outrageous modern looks without loosing the cars history. And finally, having unique and clever parts that could match the quality standards they would have if being produced in Porsches own Gran Tour department… if something like that would ever have existed