Who are we?

You know this situation: Its seems that it is not possible to find someone who is able to help or secondly, just not WANT to help making your idea come true?  You are tired by running doors in with one of your ideas but simply always get an NO, sorryYour dream car will stay a dream...

We have made the same experiences with our own cars in the past years. Some of the older generation people of our scene are tired and caught in their own past and experiences, nothing we can condemn them for. Time was time, job was job. But times changes and so do expectations and interests of people like us. We all want to go a step further, are in love with quality and details and our motto is not just "it has to work!". It was time to do something by ourselves...

We @ ONASSIS are part of the new generation: We can do it - impossible is nothing!

We are not crazy enough to call us the best in each of the multiple sectors in this Porsche thing, but we are proud of our own possibilities and strength. Our own products are result of an idea in heads, worked out through our system to get them done in real life. Some are finished yet, loads of new parts will have to come. 

Whilst brainstorming the working steps that are needed from idea to an perfect finished product, we transferred an professional engineer workflow for our own company. We outsourced partial working steps to the ones, who are simply better then ourselves in their space. 

Our agency by today is working with agents hand in hand for making things happen, some of them you will find way down this site, others won't be published here. Further external partners are on our list and we simply can call instantly someone who´s the right one, no matter what kind the job is. Some of our agents do support us on technical basis, others stand with us to make our events to the special experiences they should be.

We will kindly manage your project from start to finish, with passion, idealism and the right connections. We make it easy for you.

Besides our parts and service range, we have developed a new idea about gathering european (and worldwide) outlaw scene. Looking over the pond, serious cool events like #luftgekühlt of Patrick Long shows, how this small but growing scene is is looking for alternatives in meeting up. 

Our people are outgoing and relaxed, simply don´t care about the restrictive mood that lies above a "normal" Porsche meeting, want to have fun - simply a good time. With some years experience in organizing Events, the crew of ONASSIS is building new ideas for our people. The very first ONASSIS event of the tunnel run series will be held in April 2015, others will follow.

We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our events in the future!


  • parts development from idea to finished product
  • manufacturing of prototypes / one of a kind pieces and small series products (drawing / cnc / casting)
  • parts sourcing
  • resale (handpicked parts matching our own quality idea only)
  • car sourcing
  • restauration services (parts and cars)
  • concept management (parts & cars) / project management (we think, scratch and lead your project from start to finish)
  • media services / foto, video and new media solutions for your interest
  • event management / event development / sponsoring solutions
  • public relations services and digital advertising / marketing solutions
  • driving
  • wrenchmonkeeing
  • garage talks

ONASSIS PORSCHES AGENCY thanks for your interest!

Tom // head of Onassis Porsches Agency 


Born in 1980, Porsche. Nirvana and Skateboards as religion, raised on seaside in VW camper van with an old school windsurf dad. 


Restless creative nerd, loves details no matter if they are useful or useless. Connects people by their passion. Impossible is nothing.

1961 356 BT5






 DANIEL // head of Media at Onassis Porsches Agency

Daniel started his cool carrier saddled on his mountainbike until he got his drivers license, passion keep the same, being different!

Anyway he's one of the biggest Porsche hooked guys in Germany and now he lives his passion in many different facets tough. He's a photographer and writer and he's a Porsche restorer in his familys company Classic Boxers as well. Different angled eye, open for everything, these are the facts that make this guy essential for ONASSIS PORSCHES!

1966 911 GT

Direct message: DANIEL @ ONASSISPORSCHES.COM