Counting seconds is the main idea that stands behind racing - One way in the shortest time defines speed. 

The company always tried to build cars with the most speed you can get, this is Porsches philosophy. In the history of this cars, there always have been some time related goodies and we thought, it was TIME to do our own creation on this topic. Currently we are building the main basis for this project. The finished product will be build in partnership with our company agent Buz from seattlespeedometer.com, some outrageous and creative guy with the right ideas and technical potential to build genius stuff.

We calculate to present the finished first prototype of this new ONASSIS product within the next quarter of 2015.




Developing our #917 style wooden knob for other models of Porsche history then 356 and 901/915/WEVO and CAE (setups we already have
listed) was the aim when starting to think about the adapted version for all #964 #993 #944 #924 #951 #968 #928 #986 #987 #996 and #997 models.

We found the solution in this clever, full cnc´d adaptor and are now developing the slightly raised #917 knob for this application.

Using your stock shifter and leather boot in combination with this awesome piece of light metal and handcrafted knob with his gains in Porsche history, something we are able to present you shortly.


Finding the right gear in a shorter period of time by keeping the original specs that a stock shifter base deliveres for the 356 driver, this was our ideal view of something new to invent.

Improvements in this particular technical piece, something that is part of simply every movment of the car, is a very complex project. Once this new project is finished we will proudly offer this for sale in our product range.