Porsche always fabricated special parts for special cars. Developing of single bits, each special for its very own, combined to a total package in the end. 550 spyder seats have been a custom thing always and ever back then, hand shaped from aluminum sheet to the perfect match in weight and size, each one a piece of art for itself. Timeless and the only thing, no one ever would have a doubt of this being not correct for this very special car. 

Contemporary art has always been a part in furniture design. Today,(for e.g.)  creations of Herman Miller / EAMES are still timeless modern and can be found in special places all around the globe.

After being stunned by the impressive creation of our friend Tanner Boyes for luftgekühlt show, and with his permission for creative ideas, it was time to build our own idea from scratch to reality.

The Onassis aiRseat is (so far) a one of a kind piece, fabricated from a handbeaten aluminum 550 spyder seat combined with a rocking chair Eiffel base and wooden shovels for the swing. Handmade steel subframe was needed to gain strength in structure and makes this seat to a very comfortable, perfectly balanced  and stylish piece at once.

This seat is currently in Onassis HQ, numbered with Serial #01 and a certificate of authenticy and we are open for offers to this very special thing. Please contact us with any questions and inquiries of this product via Email.