We do NOT know who invented the dRilled door handles, but we DO know that we like them and the idea behind cheesing veRy much! DRilling oRiginal dooR handles needs balls. No RetuRn, walk the walk - talk the talk. This is a seRious job.

We have established two veRsions of the handles that we can offeR to you as ouR "standaRds" 4 or 5 whole cheeseRs. FoR sure we love to talk about youR custom ideas that aRe out of the box, so please let us now what we can do foR you. As ouR seRvice to you we can offeR the dRilling itself and also a peRfect Re-chRoming to get the handles back to theiR old gloRy. 


Pricing: drilling a matching pair of door handles (356 / 911) to 4 or 5 whole finish  - work only                                                        200€ / US$240 ( + 19% TAX)
Re-chroming optional. Prices will be based on current shape of the delivered handles. We can get you a accurate quote with the parts in the hands only.  
     We do ship worldwide on buyers expense and favored service, please inquire for your personal shipping quote


#wheel fit

Wheels make or brake the car.

Inspirations from prints and through other medias can influence yourself into several directions about wheels. Decided for one look, but what size should it be?!? Purchasing just from the idea that it could fit?!?


Onassis Porsches would like to help you clear the questions BEFORE you decide wich is the best for you. With our experience we are able to tell you about the old stuff, our connections do help to source all the new stuff. 

With stock of several sizes and variations of wheels we can testfit on YOUR personal car at our shop. Try and error for the best solution. 

Contact us for your ideas and appointments by  Email