Back in the early year 2014, Onassis Porsches started to think about producing their own parts when the current company project (356 T5) rests for some build up changes.

The car is used to show, what a small company like ours is able to do. We wanted something new, different and clever setups, something that also makes the enthusiasts green and so we started to develop some of our parts.

Based on this ideas, we have launched by today some parts that we are proud of. We know, that our products are not made for a super wide range of customers, something we calculate with and that our company makes different to others. We simply do not want to make mass production, we call our products custom parts. 

When we talk about production process, there surely are parts that could be produced in masses - for e.g. our own stack series that is cnc manufactured. The main fact that all finishing processes of our products are made by hand, still keeps our productivity slower and smaller then others. We all do love fast, but if you talk about handmade quality, the time that is spent on each part reflects (for our understanding) the quality.

We are able to call all parts you see shown here on this our standards. This means, that we can deliver them like you can expect them to be - clean and supernice. But we are also able to offer you several versions of finishing, they could be so much "custom" as you are yourself. You want to go a step further or just want to be different or matching to your theme (car)? Lets chat about options how we are able to help you realizing your ideas.

Right now, we are working on yours or another enthusiasts parts, are developing new parts or just think about what we can do next. We do spent time with parts and our customers and do not like the idea of anonymous online shops. If you are interested in any of our parts, please have a look on the informations we have summerized for you on this page. Orders of our parts only can placed by Email as we like to talk about your expectations in YOUR parts.

Futurewise, Onassis will cover a wider range of 356er, and also early 911er parts that are created first in our heads. We do not have a glass ball to see into your heads, but we can imagine that there is also loads of creativity and cleverness - let us be part of this as we like to help making them real!

Our interpretation of a period correct Aitfilter for a sports purposed 911 with carburators.

Optical oriantated to Porsche 356 Knecht air filters, our 911 version just looks right regarding size and finish. Using only materials that will do the job perfect regarding technics and being period correct at the same time, this filter will work as well on your SWB 2 Liter engine as also on your hotrodded 3 Liter plus engine. Everything on this filter setup is HANDMADE in house. We are not using any kind of cnc pre produced stuff. Housing, internal pieces, simply everything is produced by hand

After a limited run of testimoials, we are now able to offer you this air filter setups for the following carburator versions:

Weber: 40 IDS, 40 IDA, 40 IDAP, 40 IDT

Zenith: 40 TIN

PMO: 40 / 46

All our filters are made to order and will come for a plug & play use out of the box. Airfilters are build to use your present stock carburator trumpets (not part of this airfilter) with a top clearance of 30mm. . As standard we either do offer the airfilter painted in silver or satin black. Other colors available on request. These airfilters are not delivered with needed gaskert sets, can be delivered with OEM Porsche parts on request.

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Reinventing an history piece of Porsche racing, that was in my mind when starting to develop this old idea new.

Our new stacks are made out of full billet aluminum, do have a tricky ground plate that is mounted to two single stack sides to generate an complete stack per side for each carburetor. Our ground plate is structured for total strength, will resist overheating and keep shape under hardest conditions of racing with boiling carbs.  Stack cones are screwed hidden to the ground plate and could be changed to other stack versions that will be available soon. 

All stacks do come with polished internals, something we are doing by hand in the finals steps before delivering your oder. For your safety, all of our stacks are delivered with a wooden crate that is fabricated specially for this product - this is a collectors piece.

Our stacks are a NO stock product, we do produce each stack pair specially for you! We are able to offer our stacks as standard version (raw/polished internals) but could offer you also some further personalizations like colorful anodizing.

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" Imagine the moment when something you invented, created from your idea, just because you wanted to, found the way to its ultimate 4cam destination, wrenched to it by your own hands..." 


Porsche racing history is the most impressive part of this company. Technical development, the most clever engineers for decades, countless racing victories. On peak of this development, the Porsche 917 is the ultimate air cooled race car. Attention to details went down to each and every part that was screwed into this cannonball on wheels.

Even the shift knob on this car was special: heat resistance and lightness, two of the main benefit points the wooden shift knobs delivered for the mechanics and the drivers for this very special car.

We at Onassis felt in love with the feels and the looks these knobs do have - the touch every car gets with one of these knobs - Always right, never wrong.


After hours and hours of testing, we are now able to offer our own interpretation of these knobs to you. Each of our knobs is made by hand, everyone is unique as the grains of the used woods make them very special. They do get better, as more used they are. Please let us know, if you need any color scheme sample on this product.


As we are building parts for your Porsche, we need some informations from you when ordering one of our knobs. There are multiple shifter setups available and we simply are not able to have something "standard" that fits everyone. We build your knob on your application. 


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Lightweight parts made the first 911R very special, attention to details were needed to save weights for the total car. Removing the heavy solid original engine lid hinges and change them for the small and tiny R hinges has been one of the clever details.

We at Onassis have now made our own version for those weight saver nerds out there. All parts made by hand in-house, everything to top quality finish. We don´t stock this item, your hinges were produced on order specially for your car. Hinges are delivered in rust prevention paint finish but we can get them chromed or zink plated for you as well. 

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