Onassis Porsches Tunnel Run 2016"rush rush" 

Second edition of Onassis Events based on the Porsche outlaw spirit took place at 16th July 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

The evening was inspired of the first edition of this event that was held about one year earlier. A lot more cars, a better route and way more cool stuff were brought together to have a good and relaxed time. 

I need to thank a lot of people that made these evening to something special, first of all I need to thank a bunch of dudes that sent in awesome stuff for our special event raffle. Furthermore I need to thank the team of rooshers for doing another cool event video that catches the spirit for the people that have not been present and will be a good memory for everyone that has been part of it

We thank everyone that joined this year and are looking forward to the next event that will bring even more lifestyle in the next year!

Gathering dudes in a different way on German ground - still a novum in the year of 2016

Celebrating the cars but also having an relaxed time was the goal - something we made r. eaL

Nice lineup of aircooled and watercooled cars - CLOVERLEAF ALFA as the icing on the cake - tunnels for diner

Contrasting of the Backyard